Male Grooming

Our Salon in Billericay provides professional male grooming to suit.

Mens Eyebrow Waxing

Mens Eyebrow Waxing Treatment

Control those thick, unruly hairs and remove the mono brow whilst maintaining a male, unsculptured brow.

Mens Back Wax

Effectively and gently remove back hair. We can’t claim it is totally painless but the results are worth it and you will remain hair free for up-to four weeks depending on your natural hair growth pattern.

Mens Chest Wax

Mens Chest Wax Treatment

A perfect treatment for men who wish to show smooth muscle definition. Again, not totally pain free but our amazing Perron Rigot wax and skilled therapist make this a popular choice for those wishing to be hair free.

Manicure & Pedicure

Enhance the appearance of skin and nails. Clean and tidy nails and cuticles demonstrate high attention to personal hygiene and male grooming.

Our Relaxation and well-being therapies are the perfect de-stress solution and can be seen here.

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